Dj Dobcho


DJ Dobcho starts his career 13 years ago in Varna. Latin music remains his passion since then. All dance schools in his own town attended his parties remembered as biggest latin dance events. He has started to work together with Dj Vihren since 2009 and they have become most famous and invited Dj duo in Bulgaria.

He has worked with some of biggest artists in salsa world as Albert Torres, Vasquez brothers, Juan Matos, Adolfo Indacochea, Jimmy Bosh, Herman Olivera, Frankie Moralles and some of best Dj-s in salsa world as Dj Mauri, Dj Willy and Dj Cisco.

He is widely invited to many international salsa festivals. Main idea of his sets is to make everyone not just to dance, but to take audience to musical journey and feel variety of emotions while they dance. 

Some quotes for his work:

Albert Torres: “In last years I rarely stay on party, you make me listen and dance during your set”

Luis Vasquez: “You are f****** beast bro! Nobody makes me dance and sing so much in last years”

Johnny Vasquez: “I love you bro! You makes us dance a lot every time”

Adolfo Indacochea: “Adolfo approves this music”

Juan Matos: “You… you… (making some weird gestures)”